KAZMALEJE is Award Winning - L'Oréal USA Inclusive Beauty Fund
May 28, 2021
KAZMALEJE has been recognized as a recipient of the "Black Entrepreneurs in the Beauty Industry" grant...

Black Women + the Beauty Industry - Full Panel Discussion featuring KAZMALEJE
Feb 26, 2021
Missed the panel discussion hosted by the Naked Beauty podcast and Urban Outfitters? The panel...

Black Women and the Beauty Industry with Naked Beauty and Urban Outfitters
Feb 22, 2021
KAZMALEJE is going to be featured on the Naked Beauty podcast among other fabulous black women...

KAZMALEJE in IT Cosmetics Female Founder Spotlight
Feb 12, 2021
Our co-founder, LaToya Stirrup, shares advice and gems with It Cosmetics from her experience as...

Black Female Business Owners Face Uneven Playing Field
Feb 12, 2021
Black women are the fastest growing racial group of business owners in the U.S. today. But there are still many challenges they face to even out the playing field in a white male dominated field.

Bright Business Idea: Schedule Your Time - KAZMALEJE
Feb 17, 2020
MC Lyte Spotlights Our Co-Founder, LaToya Stirrup, Who Shares the Secrets to Her Success.