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Walker’s Legacy Power 15

Congratulations to our co-founder, LaToya, on being named one of Walker’s Legacy Power 15.



Our co-founder, LaToya, does a candid interview with We Rule on the inspiration behind KAZMALEJE.


LaToya WINS Odyssey Media Pitch Comp in West Palm Beach

Odyssey Media hosted a pitch competition and KAZMALEJE walks away with the grand prize!


Boss of the Month

Our co-founder, LaToya, graces the cover of BOSSY! Magazine. Read the article to get insight on the start of KAZMALEJE, perks and challenges of running a family business, being a mompreneur, and how to innovate in your market.


Wash Day Advice

The Stirrup Sisters share curl-washing tips and tricks along with other curly beauties on Allure.com.

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Forging My Path

LaToya shares her journey as an entrepreneur with Black Girls Allowed.


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New beauty product launches to combat the curly hair detangling challenge

(Miami, FL | February 7, 2017) – Kazmaleje proudly announces its entrance into the beauty industry with new innovative hair styling tools. Their line of Curl Care Detanglers includes a comb, paddle brush and pick that all feature a patent pending design to provide a comfortable, easy, stylish factor to the hair detangling process.  

“For years it has been our dream to bring to the world solutions that are made to suit our specific needs. This line of hair tools is just the beginning!” said LaTrice Stirrup, Co-Founder of Kazmaleje.

Whether women or men have wavy, curly or kinky-curly strands; they want products that are going to protect their tresses and promote healthy hair. Over the past few years, the hair care market has become more focused on creating products for curly hair. There has been an influx in the number of shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, creams, gels, etc. designed with curly hair in mind. However, this is only half of the equation when it comes to hair care. The tools used to apply products and style the hair contribute to the hair’s overall health as well. The tools in the Curl Care Detangler line promise to address the latter part of that equation and provide a detangling solution. The seamless design of the Curl Care Detangler was chosen to prevent the hair from being snagged or caught by the seams created on the tool during the production process.

Additionally, the unique design of the teeth was created to gently part through the hair without damaging it. Many with textured strands have opted for a comb-less detangling experience or “finger-detangling” because it was less stressful on the hair when compared to combs on the market. With the Curl Care Detangler line, consumers will be able to effectively detangle their hair without damaging its integrity in less time.

“Our mission with the Curl Care Detangler line is to make the detangling process easier and bring those with dreams of having long, luscious hair that much closer to achieving their hair goals,” said LaTasha Stirrup, Co-Founder of Kazmaleje. “So often I’ve heard stories from women expressing how tedious naturally curly hair can be and how the maintenance process is not for them, which could not be further from the truth. Therefore, these stories combined with our own natural hair journey inspired us to provide a solution that will encourage women to embrace their natural hair.”

Kazmaleje co-founders, LaToya, LaTasha and LaTrice Stirrup will be debuting their Curl Care Detangler line with an alpha launch at this year’s Collision Conference in New Orleans from May 2nd - 4th, 2017. While they are starting with hair styling tools, the Stirrup sisters are looking to expand the brand and create lifestyle accessories all women can enjoy.



"The best technology conference on the planet." Forbes

KAZMALEJE received an invitation to participate in the ALPHA startup track at Collision 2017. Over a three-day program of networking, learning and storytelling, the world’s most cutting-edge startups, experienced investors and exciting speakers will mingle and connect in New Orleans from May 2nd - 4th. As part of this experience, KAZMALEJE will debut their line of Curl Care Detanglers on the exhibition floor. Be on the lookout for #RoadtoCollision updates as the Stirrup sisters prepare for what is sure to be a groundbreaking experience.

Want to learn more about Collision? Visit https://collisionconf.com/.