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Pre-Orders Are NOW Available!

Your curls will thank you when you place your order for our patent-pending Kurls+ Detanglers. Take advantage of pre-order prices today and be among the firsts to have these revolutionary hair tools. Our combs are currently being manufactured just for you and are estimated to ship in December (maybe sooner)!



Great for short cuts and fluffing your roots after a braid out, twist out or roller set.


Features uniquely designed teeth for easier detangling

Fits comfortably in the palm of your hand

Small enough to take on the go



Great for detangling hair that is short, long, fine, thick and everything in-between with minimal stress on each strand of hair whether wet or dry.


Curved handle that forms to the natural grooves of the hand

Pointed tip on handle allows for parting/sectioning hair

Comfort grip along spine offers an alternative way for holding the comb

Features uniquely designed teeth for easier detangling


Paddle Comb

Great for detangling medium to thick hair, or for combing through your curls and creating a softer look after a roller or flexi-rod set.


Features staggered rows of uniquely designed teeth for easy and thorough detangling

Curved handle forms to the natural grooves of the hand

Pointed tip on handle allows for convenient parting and sectioning of the hair

Connecting groove where the handle and head meet creates a nook for the thumb to rest

Oval shaped head offers alternate holding position with more control


Ready to bring your New BFF home?


The Process

We are working hard to bring you hair tools that will change the way you care for your curls. Everyone that pre-orders with us will receive updates via email.

The timeline pictured to the left is an estimation of how the manufacturing process will flow. Things may move quicker than expected. However, we know it's best to account for the unknown than be surprised.