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5 Easy Steps to Detangle Your Curls

Knowing how to properly detangle your hair is an essential step to having healthy hair. With every step there is to taking care of your hair, detangling is one of the most critical as it helps you to remove any tangles, knots or shed hair. 

Whether you are natural or relaxed, everyone has to detangle their hair which essentially means to use a hair tool to comb or brush your hair out. As simple as that may sound, not everyone detangles properly. Learning how to detangle your hair the correct way can save you from a lot of breakage, damaged cuticles and split ends. Here are 5 simple steps on how to correctly detangle your gorgeous hair.

STEP 1: Start With Wet and Conditioned Hair

Detangling your hair while it is dry is not the best route to go. Dry detangling ruins your hair's elasticity and ability to bounce back to its natural state. When detangling, it is best to always moisturize your hair whether that's with water, conditioner, moisturizer, or your favorite product mix. This is important because it helps add moisture to your hair and gives it the slip that it needs so your hair tools are able to glide through your hair easily, making your detangling process smoother.

If you are taking out a protective style - like braids or twists - that have been in your hair for a long time, it is important that you detangle your hair before you wash it. If you don't pre-detangle, then you will most likely end up with a tangled mess when you shampoo. The pre-detangling step helps to remove the shed hair so that you can properly wash, condition, and detangle your tresses. Remember to be extra gentle and take your time. 

STEP 2: Separate Hair Into Sections

After your hair is wet and conditioned, separating your hair into sections can ease up some stress. The density of your hair determines the number of sections you should divide your hair into. You can start by parting it into four sections, but if it is still too much for you to handle you can part it into six to eight sections. This all relieves some of the overwhelming feeling you may have from trying to detangle your hair all at once. You can clamp or pin each section up to secure it while you detangle a section. 

STEP 3: Use A Proper Detangling Tool

When it comes to detangling, the tool that you use is key. You want to use a tool that limits breakage and prevents your hair from snagging and pulling. We naturally shed about 100 strands of hair a day. So don’t be alarmed if there is extra shedding, especially after wearing a style for a couple of days. For best detangling results, you can use your Kazmaleje KurlPlus Detanglers. Whether it's the paddle comb or comb, each tool will help you along the way.

KurlsPlus Detanglers

STEP 4: Detangle From Ends To Roots

When you start to detangle, you can’t start from the middle or top of your hair when there are still tangles at the bottom. Starting from the ends helps get all the tangles out and reduces breakage. You start by holding the end of your hair with one hand and gently detangling it with the other. Continue detangling from the ends and work your way up to your roots until it is completely detangled. Once you've detangled a section, two strand twist or braid it to keep it detangled and out of the way. 

STEP 5: Be Gentle

Always remember to be gentle while detangling. Your hair is in a weaker state since it is wet. Rough detangling will only cause pain, breakage, and damage. Take your time especially at the ends since the hair is the oldest and weakest. Be sure to use your KurlPlus Detanglers to help ease you through this process!




Loving it so far! I love how sturdy it is. All of my other combs and brushes break, especially when sharing them with children. Yet it still feels gentle enough in my hair. I hope to have these for a long time.

Margaret Jones
Margaret Jones

I have a suggestion regarding the use of the comb. As a senior citizen, and there may be persons with difficulty handing and/or using the comb.


Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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