Pronounced: Cosmology

We get it. We've been where you are...tired of hair tools and accessories that don't work! You've bought this comb, that brush and you've watched a ton of videos looking for the right solution for your hair. Well, look no further because we have created hair tools that are made specifically to address the styling and detangling needs for those of us with curly, coily, kinky hair!

Our Kurls+ Detanglers are multi-functional hair tools that will not only ease your detangling process, but will:

  • Reduce the amount of hair breakage
  • Allow you to detangle and section your hair all in one tool
  • Reduce your detangling time
  • Allow you to easily clean them between uses
  • Make your wash days so much more enjoyable
  • Provide you with a multi-purpose hair tool that not only works on curly, coily, kinky hair...but can be used for wig and extension care as well as on straight hair

And so much more!!

However, this is just the beginning. From innovative hair tools to stylish cosmetic/travel bags and leisure wear to fashionable home accessories, KAZMALEJE will become your go-to brand to create your personal beauty sanctuary whether at home or on the go.

But don't just take our word for it, here are our reviews!