Our Roots


Hair Care

Designed To Be Passed On, Shared, & Celebrated. For All Of Us.

Created By Sisters

Our journey has been a beautiful tapestry of perseverance and progress. It all started in late 2015, with a simple yet profound idea—changing the design of comb teeth to tackle the widespread issue of excessive hair breakage during detangling. Inspired by the shared struggle faced by women, men, and children, we embarked on this transformative path.

In those early days, we crafted our first prototype to test this game-changing concept. As passion fueled our vision, we meticulously protected our intellectual property and refined both our brand and product designs. Finally, in 2019, we took that significant step and officially entered the market.

Yet, this is only the beginning of our story. From groundbreaking hair tools to chic cosmetic/travel bags, comfortable leisure wear, and elegant home accessories, KAZMALEJE aspires to be more than a brand—it aims to be your trusted companion, curating your personal beauty sanctuary wherever life takes you.

-The Stirrup Sisters

Our Promise

Kazmaleje is your go-to brand for innovative at-home or travel tools and accessories.
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Plastic Neutral

Patent Pending Design

Patent Pending Design

Celebrating Our Community

Join the KurlKrew and see how our tools are used, for you by you.