KurlsPlus Tools and Their Functions

KurlsPlus Tools and Their Functions

Dec 01, 2021LaToya Stirrup

The artistry of haircare can come with its own set of difficulties. Like any other uniquely patterned structure, it can require a lot of time, patience, and practice to get them how you like. From scrunched waves to tight coils and textures in-between, everyone has the same desire to manipulate their hair in a way that allows them to style it and move on with the day. While products are imperative in order to fuel your strands and scalp with the ingredients they crave, the right tools can take your hair to new lengths, literally

When you shift the focus to quality hair tools, it opens the door for incredible possibilities in hair care and maintenance. All too often, women are struggling with breakage and shedding with no root cause to pinpoint. In many cases, the tools they're using are damaging to their hair, leaving them with intense fallout after detangling and styling. 

The KurlPlus collection presents an array of multifunctional hair tools that transform the way you detangle and style your hair. Bringing ease into your wash days, each product has been carefully designed and crafted to provide seamless use from root to tips. From kinky to straight, these three KurlPlus tools take the stress out of hair maintenance in a variety of ways for all hair types.  

KurlsPlus Paddle Comb 


For many hair enthusiasts, a paddle brush can be used to brush out knots and keep the hair free from tangles before styling. But it becomes useless with the risk of snagging on the rigid bristles and holding on to a flimsy handle that can't withstand too much pressure. Intentionally designed to eliminate your tangles and worries, the KurlsPlus Paddle Comb offers a different type of detangling with a tool that targets every strand. 

With the power to detangle, massage, and style the hair all in one use, the KurlsPlus Paddle Comb was created differently. The word gentle isn't often associated with detangling. With staggered rows of thick teeth to move through tangles, it's no longer a painful process. Purposely made without any room for snagging or resistance, the KurlsPlus Paddle Comb makes combing simple and comfortable. It's contoured handle curves perfectly in your hand without the need for harsh gripping or pulling. The oval-shaped head provides an alternative holding position for even more control for thicker hair. As a great tool for straight to medium textures, you can stimulate your scalp and penetrate the product to evenly distribute in all areas of your hair. Working from the ends of your strands up to your roots, this hair tool is the ultimate game-changer for detangling the hair for better health and style.

KurlsPlus Comb 

Crafted to give your hair the best defense against breakage, the KurlsPlus Comb alleviates strands from the potential dangers of poorly designed wide tooth combs. Retire the dreaded pull method that leaves clumps of hair in your hand instead of on your head and incorporate a tool that is both durable and gentle on all hair types. Using minimal stress to detangle, the KurlPlus Comb takes hold of tangles and knots without causing unwanted frizz. The seamless teeth work like fingers to grasp each layer and separate accordingly. Without disrupting the curl pattern or getting caught, each section can get the attention and care it needs for optimal strength and growth. 

Made for a comforting rake through from start to finish, the contoured handle and indent allow for a restful grip to patiently seek out tangles. While elevating the system of combing, the KurlsPlus Comb also features a sectioning tip to part our hair for a straight and even separation. As a perfection 2-in-1 hair tool, there's no better way to properly show your hair love when getting those pesky knots out. For best use, grip from either parts of the spine or handle to get the best hold possible for increased manageability while also stimulating your scalp. You don't have to let combing your hair be the worst part of wash day when you have the proper tools to get the job done. It truly makes you feel like you have your whole life in order when you detangle your hair successfully. 

KurlsPlus Pick 

If you're looking to bring your hair to new heights while still maintaining definition and shine, the KurlsPlus Pick is the small win for every curly-haired beauty. Instead of using your fingers to fluff and volumize, causing friction and frizz, this hair tool elevates your style to create more body for desired look you want to achieve. As the best to fluff curly and coily hair, the KurlsPlus Pick gently lifts the hair away from the scalp to form a rainbow effect of fullness and texture. In a compact size that fits perfectly in your purse or pocket, you can finally refresh throughout the day without drying your hair out with constant touching. 

For straighter hair textures, the KurlsPlus Pick is the perfect way to keep your hair free from knots and tangles on the go, especially for those wearing wigs and extensions. Compared to the KurlsPlush Paddle Comb or Brush, this option is much more lightweight in design. Whether you have finer hair or want to incorporate combing methods that are easy breezy, the KurlsPlus Pick is ideal. Keep this tool handy and use it as a refresher to prevent damage, tangles, and frizz. Fitting comfortably in the palm of your hands, the seamless teeth follow the hair shaft to style and manipulate to your desired look. Unlike picks with short, thin teeth, you can tease your roots without fear of causing breakage or knotting. Tuck the KurlsPlus Pick in your beauty bag or any small space and stay prepared for anything that comes your way. 


Getting your hair to your desired look is not an easy task, no matter your texture. Thankfully you can activate the ultimate wash day routine with the KurlsPlus Set, which includes the Pick, Comb, and Paddle Comb for all your detangling needs. Whether your hair needs a full massage and detangle or a lift to transform the shape, make haircare an enjoyable experience that gives you the confidence you need to tackle your strands. Consider hair tools to be the first introduction to proper care and health. Without carefully crafted tools that assist in strength and detangling, it’s almost impossible to achieve the styles you really want. 



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