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Top 5 Heat-Free Hairstyles for Long Hair

Jun 02, 2020Tia Belle

Everyone loves a cute fashionable hairstyle but sometimes it can leave your hair damaged. If you are starting to experience dry, limp curls, maybe it is time to take a break and ditch the heat. Frequently using heat styling tools on your hair can at times do more harm to your curls than good. There's a range of heat-free hairstyles that you can try. From hair buns, top knots, braids, and twists out... so many cute styles for you to rock and still have healthy hair. Take a look at these 5 heat-free hairstyles for long natural hair.

#1 Twisted Top Knot

We love this style because it is super easy to achieve in just 3 steps!

Step 1: Pull your hair together into a ponytail at the center of your head.

Step 2: Two strand twist your hair in 4 to 5 sections.

Step 3: Wrap each twist around the ponytail to create and finalize the top knot


#2 Braid-out

You can never go wrong with this hair-friendly braid-out. Braid-outs are an easy style to rock. When you are done with your braids, take them out and rock your wavy curls. Two styles, one set. Check out this video on how to achieve this look!


#3 Fulani Braids

Fulani Braids are always fun and cute to wear with your own hair or added extensions. This style may be on the challenging side to DIY, but you'll love the look when done.

Step 1: First you will section your hair into two horizontal halves.

Step 2: Start to braid the top half of your hair into a cute design of your choice.

Step 3: Braid or plait the remaining back half of your hair.

Step 4: Finish the style off by adding some cute accessories or beads to your hair. You can find these online or at your local beauty supply store.


#4 Bun Hawk Updo

What a perfect hairstyle to kick start summer! It's bold, chic, and easy to execute. This style can be worn with or without a bang. Take a look at this video to see how you can master this look.


#5 Cornrows

This stylish and easy to care for hairstyle can be performed in 4 steps.

Step 1: Braid 4-6 cornrows going down the scalp, but leave the ends unbraided.

Step 2: Gather the braids into one or two ponytails of your choice.

Step 3: Add your favorite styling cream or gel to the curls that are left loose to define them.

Step 4: Slay those edges!


Did you Know?

Cornrows first originated in Africa and the Caribbean. They have been dated back to as early as 3000 B.C. and are still turning heads in the 21st Century.


Featured image by: Hannah Smith

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