February Features Round Up: KAZMALEJE in the News

February Features Round Up: KAZMALEJE in the News

Mar 05, 2021LaToya Stirrup

There's been buzz about KAZMALEJE all around the internet and we're here to share the places we've been featured with you! Check out the following articles to support KAZMALEJE as a black-owned, woman-owned business!



You can find us on Hola! in an article titled Afro-Latinx and Black-Owned Companies to support during Black History Month.



She's Single Magazine featured KAZMALEJE in 10 Valentine's Day Gifts for a New Girlfriend.


In their Valentine's Gift Guide for 2021, Rage Against the Minivan featured the KAZMALEJE KurlsPlus Set!


Bella Magazine "celebrated and uplifted the black community" in their article about black-owned businesses, including a section about KAZMALEJE.


A fantastic customer review can be found on Oh Bite It!, showing just how good the KurlsPlus products can be!


Photo by cottonbro from Pexels




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