KAZMALEJE on The Culture

KAZMALEJE on The Culture

Feb 15, 2021LaToya Stirrup

KAZMALEJE has been featured in The Culture: Season 7, Episode 1. Check it out below!

The Culture: Season 7, Episode 1 from UMTV School of Communication on Vimeo.

The RoundTable discusses the black community’s concern about the COVID vaccine. Keeping Up with Washington tells you everything you need to know about the second impeachment of former president, Donald Trump. Athletic Aesthetic has highlights from this year’s Super Bowl while Hella Shade discusses The Weeknd’s halftime performance and the No. 1 trending topic: #GorillaGlueGirl. In honor of Black History Month, The Goulash puts one local Black business in the spotlight & 305 to My City features the only Black publication on campus — Gravity Magazine. And we couldn’t forget that Valentine’s Day is approaching! Word on the Street wants to know your relationship status. Stay tuned for the Season Premiere of The Culture!

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