KAZMALEJE We Rule Interview


Oct 01, 2018LaToya Stirrup

KAZMALEJE: innovative, lifestyle-amplifying tools and accessories for the natural hair care market.

A conversation with LaToya Stirrup: Co-Founder of KAZMALEJE

I stay motivated by… remembering that the challenge I am looking to solve is bigger than me. We are seeing communities of women, men and kids across the globe deciding to embrace their natural texture, even in the face of stark criticism and discrimination. You have young girls in South Africa being told that they can’t wear their natural hair to school. Actresses in Brazil being taunted by the media for wearing their naturally curly hair. Even though the natural hair community is quite large in the US, many of us are still faced with remarks and/or looks that make us question our natural hair and beauty. It’s these experiences and people that we want to support. We want to empower women, men and kids across the globe to feel good about their hair and walk proudly in their truth.

Three adjectives that describe me are… creative, adventurous, passionate

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