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We're Now Available at Black Naps

Jun 18, 2019LaToya Stirrup

Our footprint is expanding! 

“Most hair care products purchased by African-Americans are imported from countries such as India and China” – CNBC. Black Naps is on a mission to change that, with the goal of keeping black dollars circulating in the black community.

All of the products in their shop are black owned and have proven to deliver their curlfriends results. The products work for ALL hair types and are personally vetted to ensure kinky, coily curlfriends are not left out of the mix.

In 2010, Ariane Williams created Black Naps to blog about her natural hair journey and to share helpful tips with others. Fast forward, it has now evolved into something much more.

Black Naps also offers its own brand of products in the Reclaim Your Crown collection as well as product lines from other Black Woman Owned vendors. You can also peruse style ideas and a library full of free information that will guide you on the path to healthier hair. Ariane is proud to offer representation for coily hair types, showing type 4 ladies that they can embrace their kinks with pride.

Visit our Shop at Black Naps!

Ariane Williams - Founder of Black Naps


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