We've Won the Entrepreneurial Spirit Fund Grant

We've Won the Entrepreneurial Spirit Fund Grant

Sep 17, 2021LaToya Stirrup

SIA Scotch Whisky, an award-winning spirits brand founded by a first generation Hispanic entrepreneur, pledged $250,000 to support small business owners of color in the form of twenty-five $10,000 grants. Now, SIA Scotch Whisky is announcing the small business owners who are the recipients of the financial grants and mentorship with Carin Luna-Ostaseski, the founder of SIA Scotch Whisky.


Carmen Ferreyra | Brooklyn, NY

Toma Bloody Mary Mixers

Alejandro Lopez | New Rochelle, NY


Sandra Portal-Andreu | Miami, FL


Margarita Moreno | Chicago, IL

Reina Skincare

Adriana Robinson | Brandon, FL

Ponce Architecture

Celeste Ponce | Houston, TX

Winking Desserts

Marisa Winking | College Station, TX

Bold Digital Marketing Studio

Ana Carolina Salazar | Orlando, FL

Pane di Vero

Veronica Herico | Petaluma CA

Sense and Edibility

Marta Rivera Diaz | San Antonio, TX

Official Black Wall Street

Mandy Bowman | Brooklyn, NY

Bubba’s-Q Food Truck

Brittani Baker | St. Petersburg, FL


Leslie Fong | Sacramento, CA

Fouta Harissa

Alia Mahmoud | Miami Shores, FL


Michelle Williams | Jersey City, NJ


Shabazz Stuart | Brooklyn, NY

Rich City Studios

Charles Turner | Richmond, CA


Shivika Sinha | San Francisco, CA


LaToya Stirrup | Miami, FL


Amy Hsiao | Brooklyn, NY

Flora Noel

Candace Noel | Houston, TX

Root Elixirs

Dominique Gonzales | San Luis Obispo, CA

All Chill

Julian Petty | Los Angeles, CA

The August Tree Co.

Christine Jeanjaquet | Ridgewood, NY

Berri-Clear Skin

Marsha McBain | Pompano Beach, FL


SIA Scotch Grant Recipient


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