Become a #KurlFriend

Bring your hairstyle and content goals to life with ease. 


What is a KurlFriend Member?

Have you been struggling with keeping up with all the latest trends in hair care? Does your social media feed consist mostly of products that make creating content or styling your hair a chore? As. a KurlFriend, you'll be out with the old and in with the new. New hairstyles and a new, stress-free you. 

Why join?

  • Use tools that cut down time and detangles with ease
  • Give yourself a pain-free wash day experience
  • Get access to quality tools for the low
  • Get paid when promoting Kazmaleje products 

How the KurlFriend Membership Works

Our exclusive KurlFriend program is all about working with people who are just as passionate about our hair tools and products as we are. Join one (or more) of our KurlFriend tracks, promote your love for Kazmaleje tools, and start earning. Here's the perks and overview for each track: 


  • Free Kazmaleje starter kit and merch (subject to availability) 
  • 15% discount on future product purchases
  • 15% referral discount for your customers or audience (first time buyers only)
  • First-to-know product launches and merch
  • Early Access to key collections and collaborations



  • Showcase your experience using Kazmaleje products across social channels
  • Promote Kazmalje band and products on an ongoing basis and as-needed for marketing campaigns
  • Create value of Kazmaleje products to lead to increased in-store sales


  • Free Kazmaleje starter kit

Become a KurlFriend Member in 3 Steps

Apply now to start promoting Kazmaleje and earning income in 3 easy steps:



Choose your preferred partnership track(s) from above and click the corresponding "apply now" buttons. You are welcome to choose more than one or all tracks.



You’ll be directed to fill out a form to apply. If interested in more than one track, you must fill out a form for each track.



We'll review your application(s) and notify you when you're approved, typically within 5 business days. Upon approval, you will be given instructions to start promoting.