Kurls+ Detangler Set


Get ready to elevate your curl game forever!

With our Kurls+ Detangler Set, you get the Pick, Comb and Paddle Comb. Each tool will serve as the perfect assistant to help you achieve your desired look and detangle your hair with ease. Have curly, coily kids who hate getting their hair combed? Stress no more as our Kurls+ Detanglers will completely transform your wash days and make them more enjoyable for you and your kids!

The hair tools come in our signature kazmic blue color with rose pink accents.

Pick Features:

  • Fits comfortably in the palm of your hand

  • Small enough to take on the go

  • Uniquely designed, seamless teeth that work like your fingers for better styling and fluffing

Comb Features:

  • Uniquely designed, seamless teeth for easier detangling that work like your fingers
  • Curved handle that forms to the natural grooves of the hand

  • Pointed tip on handle allows for parting/sectioning hair

  • Comfort grip along spine offers an alternative way for holding the comb

Paddle Comb Features:

  • Staggered rows of uniquely designed, seamless teeth that work like your fingers for easy, thorough detangling

  • Curved handle forms to the natural grooves of the hand

  • Pointed tip on handle allows for convenient parting and sectioning of the hair

  • Connecting groove where the handle and head meet creates a nook for the thumb to rest

  • Oval shaped head offers alternate holding position with more control

How To Use

1 - 2 - 3 Detangle & Style!

When used together, the Kurls+ Detanglers provide you with a superior detangling and styling experience. Our hair tools are gentle on your hair and scalp, easy to clean and durable. First, use the Kurls+ Detangler Comb to do a quick pass through your hair to prep it for detangling. Another great way to use the Comb is to gently comb through your hair while you have conditioner on to help distribute the product from root to tip. You can use the tip on the end of the handle to section your hair, which will make the process more manageable. Once you have done the first pass, use the Kurls+ Detangler Paddle Comb to give your curls a thorough yet gentle detangling. The Kurls+ Paddle Comb also comes equipped with a sectioning tip on the end of the handle that can be used to section your hair. When you have detangled your curls, proceed to set and style your hair as desired. Once your curls are dry, you can then use the Kurls+ Detangler Pick to fluff up your roots and separate your curls to give you a voluminous look. If you want rake out your curls or have a more brushed out look, you can use the Kurls+ Comb or Paddle Comb to finish. Need to style on the go? Take the Kurls+ Pick with you. It's just the right size to fit in your pocket or purse. 

Material: plastic

Heat Limit: 70-110 °c

* DISCLAIMER: Our hair tools are individually wrapped in bubble wrap by hand to protect them in transit, as we want to ensure they arrive to you the same way they leave us. We are not currently shipping individual orders in our retail and special event product packaging.


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