How to Refresh Tired Curls Between Washes

How to Refresh Tired Curls Between Washes

Feb 15, 2021LaToya Stirrup

Written By: Ciarra McLean

Are you searching for tips on how to maintain luscious locks in between wash days? Need to bring life back to limp strands? Here’s an easy step-by-step guide on how to refresh your curls

STEP 1: Moisturize

Depending on your hair type and how dry it gets, you have a few options for moisturizing methods. The easiest and most basic is to, of course, spritz curls with a fine mist of water. A fine mist is easier for hair strands to absorb, especially because your aim is not to completely saturate but to lightly dampen. If your hair is extra thirsty and in need of a little more TLC, try adding your favorite leave-in conditioner to your spray bottle, or using your go-to leave-in conditioner spray. Spritz all over hair, spending a little extra time at the ends to ensure they are properly hydrated. You may want to do this step in sections depending on your hair’s thickness, density, and length.

STEP 2: Bounce Back

Take your go-to styling cream or gel and add a small amount to your now damp hair. The best method is to spread the styling product between your palms and fingers and lightly scrunch or pat it in. The idea to remember while applying is that you want to provide further definition to avoid any frizz, so raking the product through (as you may do with freshly washed, wet hair) will do more harm than good.


Add Moisture to Hair

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

STEP 3: Fine-tune 

Now is the time to assess how well your hair has absorbed everything, and if there are any locations that need a little bit more love. Spritz or apply styling cream or gel to any remaining dry areas. For frizzy sections, try applying a little product and gently finger coiling to bring back that definition. Once everything is fully defined, use the KurlsPlus Pick at your roots to add back any lost volume. 

Optional: Seal it all in

Add a light layer of oil to the hair, via your hands or spray, to lock in the moisture you took the time to add! This will give your curls a longer life, and minimize the amount of refreshing you will need to do.

Bonus: Your next day curls are only as good as your nighttime maintenance!

A major factor in how your hair maintains in between wash days has to do with how you protect it while sleeping. As mentioned in our post about taking care of your hair during winter and our tips on how to grow longer hair, you’ll want to protect your hair at night using a satin bonnet, scarf, or pillowcase. This will prevent frizz and maintain moisture, meaning that refreshing curls will be an easier task.

And that’s it! In 3 easy steps with some added bonus tips, you’ve brought life back to tired hair. Use this method daily as needed to maintain hair in between washes.


Photo By: Daria Shevtsova

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