Earth Day: How We Create Waste Reducing Molds For KurlsPlus Tools

Earth Day: How We Create Waste Reducing Molds For KurlsPlus Tools

Apr 18, 2022LaToya Stirrup

In celebration of Earth Day, we’re highlighting our own contributions not only as a brand but as a company that works diligently to reaffirm our shared appreciation for this great planet. At Kazmaleje, we pride ourselves on our innovative foundation that is built on creative solutions. Although we started our initiative on hair solutions, we wanted to design our tools with intention while preventing the common issue of broken combs and brushes. In the past, these items were often made from different materials, making them unsuitable for recycling. With so much waste being generated, around 2 billion tons each year, we couldn’t allow Kazmaleje to be a part of such a horrific number. From the moment we began designing our tools, it was our mission to create a collection with multiple solutions, including the environment. 


The Plastic Problem   

We all know how prevalent plastic is in our everyday lives. From our grocery stores to our homes, offices, and schools, plastic is everywhere. Perhaps one of the more significant problems is that it’s also in our oceans. Globally, there are around 8 million pieces of plastic that enter our oceans every single day. Not only is that number scary high, but it’s only growing more and more as people continue to produce single-use plastic items. These items include plastic bags, straws, bottles, food containers, and utensils. They are all manufactured to be used only once, then thrown away. In many cases, these plastics may never fully biodegrade, adding to the pieces that are surrounding the earth and, ultimately, our oceans. Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues, but with new innovations and discoveries, we can make a shift to help restore the ocean and the planet. 


Defining Design 

Knowing what we know about plastics and the environment, we wanted Kazmaleje to be the change in the hair industry for all women, including Mother Nature. With this in mind, we opted for injectable molding to produce our hair tools. This molding process works by having plastic injected into the mold to form our uniquely shaped products. What makes plastic injection a better option is that it results in minimal waste and 50% less energy compared to the machinery used years ago. These advanced, eco-friendly molding companies employ state-of-the-art resources to assist them in minimizing waste, transportation, and packaging. This sustainability effort is just one of the beginning systems Kazmaleje has implemented to actively solve waste management issues. 


Certified Plastic Neutral 

While manufacturing is a large part of building a company, Kazmaleje has taken our vision of reducing waste even further by partnering with rePurpose Global to continue our sustainability journey. As part of a broader commitment to reduce our plastic footprint, Kazmaleje is the first and only hair tool company to be certified Plastic Neutral. This means that for every bit of plastic created, an equal measurement of plastic waste is recovered and removed from the environment by professionals in the waste management industry. We ensure this process by donating a percentage of each Kazmaleje product sold to these vetted programs. Our partnership holds us accountable for continuously doing the right thing when it comes to the environment, and it has allowed us to connect with other partners around the world to support this important mission.  


The Global Environmental Effort   

It’s an incredible opportunity to be able to partner with a corporation like rePurpose Global to assist with our plastic footprint. By taking the time to carefully craft a manufacturing solution for Kazmaleje hair tools, our efforts have helped to fund a waste management service in Kenya. The 1100kgs of low-value PP plastic waste is collected, processed, and reused by TakaTaka Solutions located in Nairobi. With the power to recycle 95% of the waste they gather, their services go above and beyond to turn plastic waste into valuable materials and compost for local industries. With just one decision, this environmental partnership diverts 1100kgs from entering our oceans and landfills while also providing additional income to waste workers and their families. While it was always our goal at Kazmaleje to be different in terms of our design and functionality, we’ve taken that concept to new heights in our measures for sustainable sourcing. 


This Earth Day, it is our hope that we come together to make a difference in our ecosystem by making substantial changes in our footing. From our plastic footprints as well as our carbon footprint, we owe so much to our planet earth, and it’s time we help with the cleanup. As we continue our commitment at Kazmaleje to assist in waste management with our Plastic Neutral Promise, we won’t stop our innovation towards a better future. 

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