4 Tips to Maintain Hair During Summer Travel

4 Tips to Maintain Hair During Summer Travel

May 18, 2022LaToya Stirrup

Summertime is on its way, and we can't be more excited about the possibility of sitting by the beach enjoying a lovely warm breeze. But it's a well-known fact that the worst part of any traveling adventure is the thought of how you will maintain your hair while away. After the outfits are chosen, and you've set an away email for work, it might be about time to figure out the hair situation.

Whether you're someone who loves adventure while traveling or would rather hang out by the pool, proper hair maintenance is key for a good time. If you're counting down the days until your next getaway, here are some summer traveling tips to keep your hair from wreaking havoc on the go.  

TIP 1: Airport Ready Products  

Planning a vacation can already be challenging, so you want to make sure you don't add to the stress when it comes to your hair. If you've opted to wear your hair natural for the next upcoming adventure, planning what to pack is your main task. Keep your hair cute throughout the entire trip by strategically packing items that you'll not only need but are airport friendly and long-lasting. For the naturalists that buy in bulk, it's imperative that you transport your formulas into travel-sized bottles. There's nothing worse than TSA confiscating your beloved products because they were too large or in hazardous packaging. From your shampoo, conditioner, cream, gel, and finishers, your best bet is to use 100ml plastic bottles, especially if you plan to only pack a carry-on.

TIP 2: Packing Products for Success

If you're heading to a tropical destination, the humidity is certainly something to keep in mind when packing your hair essentials. In an effort to keep your hair tamed and defined, you'll want to pack a clarifying shampoo to clean up after those bursts of sandy winds or rugged excursions. Keep your scalp cleansed without stripping the hair of natural oils, and bring your favorite conditioner that caters to your needs. For those who use the same conditioner as a leave-in as well, you may want to pack extra travel bottles for multiple uses. Depending on the type of adventure on the itinerary, bringing a treatment product on the trip could be a lifesaver for your hair. Between the sand, pool chemicals, salty oceans, and excessive exposure to the sun, a quick treatment may be just what you need to keep the fun going. The only things left to pack in terms of products are your stylers. This is not the best time to experiment with new formulas, so be sure to pack what you know works for you.

TIP 3: Hassle-Free Detangling   

Vacation weather can often be unpredictable depending on the location. There's nothing worse than getting caught in a rainstorm, and your luscious curls are left knotted from the winds. Whether you do a full wash, a quick detangle, or want to volumize your curls after air-drying on the beach, you'll need essential hair tools to get the job done. For even your most intense days filled with activities, your hair will be able to see better days when you have onboard your entire KurlPlus Set. Detangle with ease using the KurlsPlus Comb or KurlsPlus Paddle Comb (they are also great styling companions). For extra backup on the go, take along the KurlsPlus Pick in even your smallest vacation clutch so you'll always stay ready for those impromptu photoshoots on the beach. Avoid the dreaded fear of excessive shedding and breakage, and be sure to pack with you durable and easy-to-use hair tools. Keep the drama at home and feel confident that you'll have great hair days from arrival to departure. 


TIP 4: Protective Styling  

Vacation calls for a new style and there’s no better reason to change it up when it comes to your hair than a plane ticket. If you’re someone who would rather not deal with their natural hair while traveling you may opt for a protective style. While these are easier to maintain over time, they still help to provide overall health and growth for your scalp and strands. With so many options to choose from, it’ll be seamless taking care of your tresses while still enjoying your trip. Some may require a trip to the salon, but others can certainly be done at home. Keep up with a healthy hair journey no matter where you go and preserve your growth with some of these protective styles. 

  • Cornrows: This hairdo offers a bold and eye-catching way to embrace a protective style. Depending on what you’re going for, braiding in bigger plaits saves lots of time, as more hair is used in each row. If you want something that will last a lot longer, you may want to go with smaller braids. Cornrows are also easy to maintain, care for and style. Add accessories like ribbons and delicate chains to make the most of this look and give it a unique twist.

  • Long Braided Ponytail: Especially for tropical weather, a Long Braided Pony is a great protective style that can last you up to two weeks. For someone who doesn’t want to commit to a full head of braids, just a simple pony with a braid can be an excellent solution. Just be careful with the style that the ponytail isn't pulled too tight and causing tension on your scalp. Protect your roots and edges with a scarf, so you don't ruin the style in your sleep. Pin the ponytail part up when you’re swimming to prevent tangles or frizz.  

  • Two-Strand Twists: This is a great protective style that anyone can do from home. It helps minimize knots and tangles while still holding moisture and natural oils. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t put any strain on the hair, you can create looser twists to minimize discomfort compared to some braiding techniques and put less stress on the hair. This style can also work well by incorporating charms for hold.

  • Fulani Braids: As a fan favorite for vacation time, Fulani Braids are a type of bundling protective hair style that are perfect for the heat. The style originated from the Fulani culture in West Africa and can be kept in the hair for up to 8 weeks. The look is unique and modern, often characterized with cornrow braided down the center of the head, along with one or a few cornrows braided in the opposite direction toward your face. The hair is finished off with a braid wrapped around the hairline. 

Packing for summer vacation can be a hassle, but our hair doesn’t have to be if we plan it out right. The next time you’re getting ready to travel to a new destination or taking some time for yourself on a beach with friends, use these tips to ensure you feel incredible from head to toe.

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