KurlsPlus Pick

Small but Mighty

Our KurlsPlus Pick will give you volume and gentle detangling all in one tool. It's great for hair short cuts or adding volume after a braid out, twist out or roller set. It's the ideal styling companion for travelers or on-the-go curlistas who need to refresh their hair throughout the day.


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Our thick and sturdy plastic hair tools are designed to have a long product life giving you the confidence that they won't easily break while detangling or styling.

Finger-Like Combing
Breakage no more! Unlike other combs, the teeth on our hair tools are smooth and round, shaped like your fingers! This allows your hair strands to glide through without any unnecessary snagging and pulling.

Style on-the-go
Fits comfortably in your bag or pocket so you can easily rake through your curls or add volume to your look when you're on the go.