KAZMALEJE FEATURED: 9 Best Detangling Brushes for Every Hair Type, According to Hair Stylists

Detangling hair is never a fun process. However, it doesn't have to be—and shouldn't be—a painful process. If detangling does hurt, you're likely causing damage, explains Nicolette Rauchut, a hairstylist at Lrn Beauty in New York City.

"Detangling your hair should not be a painful experience," says Rauchut. "If your detangling moments are hurting your scalp, you may have a lot of tangles and snags, causing unwanted tension at the root. Your bristles also may be too stiff or the wrong material for you."

Successfully detangling your hair involves using one of the best detangling brushes, explains Jamal Edmonds, a celebrity stylist and Mizani Artist based in Washington DC. "A great detangling brush should have high-quality, firm bristles that can work through knots and tangles," he says. "I prefer beadles bristle brushes because I find the textured hair tends to wrap around the beads, which creates more tangles."

To detangle hair, Rauchut says it's essential that you don't tug and pull. Start by wetting your hair and applying a leave-in conditioner or moisturizing spray. "Split your hair into multiple sections. If you have a lot of hair, try clipping some areas out of the way to avoid becoming overwhelmed," she says. "Next, use your brush starting at the ends, working your way up every two inches once you breakthrough. Make sure to work in small sections to avoid ripping through tangles. Keep working your way up through the shaft little by little as the tangles free themselves. Repeat all over." 

Our best seller item is featured in the article:


This brush is my go-to for detangling my own 4C hair. It’s great for getting through bigger tangles, so if my hair is really knotted, I’ll use this first before going through with a finer brush, like the Tangle Teezer shared below.

Shape of brush: Paddle

Wet or dry hair: Both


Read the whole article at WELL + GOOD: 9 Best Detangling Brushes for Every Hair Type, According to Hair Stylists, in which KAZMALEJE is featured! This article showcases the best detangling brushes available online.

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