Kurls+ Detangler Paddle Comb


Take the stress out of detangling your hair with our Kurls+ Detangling Paddle Comb. Our Paddle Comb is great for detangling medium to thick hair, or for combing through your curls and creating a softer look after a roller or flexi-rod set. Can also be used for a scalp massage, to blow dry your hair and detangling wigs/extensions.

The Paddle Comb comes in our signature Kazmic Blue color.


  • Staggered rows of uniquely designed teeth for easy and thorough detangling

  • Curved handle forms to the natural grooves of the hand

  • Pointed tip on handle allows for convenient parting and sectioning of the hair

  • Connecting groove where the handle and head meet creates a nook for the thumb to rest

  • Oval shaped head offers alternate holding position with more control

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Material: plastic

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 * DISCLAIMER: Our hair tools are individually wrapped and shipped in bubble wrap to protect them in transit as we want to make sure they arrive to you the same way they leave us and are not currently shipped in our retail and event packaging.

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