The Real Reason Behind your Breakage and How To Prevent It

The Real Reason Behind your Breakage and How To Prevent It

Apr 16, 2021LaToya Stirrup

Written by: Ciarra McLean


There is a major dreaded enemy of every person trying to grow their hair longer: breakage. No one wants to experience hair breakage, however, getting to the root of why your curls are breaking off may take some trial and error. We’ve listed the top reasons for hair breakage as well as how to fix them in order to maximize your length and save your tresses.


A major culprit of hair breakage is using excessive heat. From blow drying to flat ironing, using high heat on your hair is sure to cause damage that will only compound over time. In order to combat heat damage, limit the usage of heat tools. In addition to limiting use, try lowering temperatures when any use does occur. If you’re dealing with already damaged curls, try deep conditioning and protein treatments to pamper your strands and minimize the effects of past heat.

Improper Detangling

From using the wrong tools to starting at the root, improper detangling may be a reason you’re experiencing excessive breakage. Check out our article on 5 easy tips to detangle your curls. Also, take a look at our KurlsPlus detanglers which are sure to make detangling a breeze and minimize hair lost in the detangling process.


Another factor that could be contributing to your hair breakage is dryness. Not moisturizing your hair regularly leads to dry, brittle strands that are prone to break when manipulated, be it by a comb, brush, or fingers. To combat breakage caused by dryness, be sure to add moisture to your hair regularly. From deep conditioning to adding your favorite leave-in cream to just a light spritz of water, regular moisturizing is sure to prevent any breakage caused by dry strands.

No Protection While Sleeping

A major component of breakage happens not during the detangling process but while you’re asleep! We’ve mentioned before how important it is to ensure your night time routine involves protecting your hair in our posts about how to refresh tired curls and how to grow longer hair. Using a satin bonnet, scarf, or pillowcase will ensure there’s no excess friction and therefore no excess breakage. This has the added bonus of helping your curls retain moisture, making next day styling easier!


Healthy hair starts from within! If you’re experiencing breakage, an unbalanced diet could be the culprit. Be sure to talk to your healthcare provider about getting in the right nutrients through balanced meals. Focus on getting your daily required amount of fruits, veggies, and protein. Your healthcare provider may even suggest vitamins to supplement your diet. Similarly, another major factor is making sure you get enough water. Drink plenty throughout the day, and limit your intake of high sugar beverages and excessive alcohol to maximize your health.


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Yes, both physical and emotional stress can take a toll on your tresses! Practicing self care by incorporating calming breathing techniques, meditation, yoga, or simply going for a walk outside are all ways to prioritize yourself and your health. Be sure to take time for your hobbies and spend time with loved ones to reduce the effect stress has on you, your hair, and your life.

Dye or Excessive Processing

The unfortunate truth of dyeing or adding a texturizer to your hair is that with processing comes damage. While you may not want to give up on processing entirely, there are ways to minimize damage and renew hair afterwards. Once again, regular deep conditioning and protein treatments are great ways to breathe life back to processed hair and maintain it. We even have an entire article on how to care for your dyed natural hair, as your curls will truly need the extra TLC.

If you find yourself experiencing breakage, it’s likely that something from this list is the culprit. Taking care of your curls with these tips in mind will surely minimize the possibility of hair breaking off and ensure each of your strands has a long life!


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