Hottest Summer Hairstyles

Hottest Summer Hairstyles

Jul 11, 2022LaToya Stirrup

It's official! Summer has arrived, and before you go into your closet to plan for those backyard BBQ's and pool days, you'll need to complete the look with an exciting hairstyle. Between the eventful parties, firework shows, summer weddings, and more, there are a lot of different elements we need to consider before getting your hair ready for the festivities. Get your mind and hair right for summer with some of our favorite styles that we love for the warmer season.


You can never go wrong with a captivating accessory, especially when you're in between wash-days. Add an accessory of your choice for a thrilling embellishment that will transform all lengths and textures for any event. Choose from a headband, pins, or scarf for some flair in your hair. As a textured, fun accent, adding an accessory makes haircare seamlessly with just one quick add-on. Mix and match with your outfit or make it your bold styling statement for the day.



Especially when the weather is gearing up for another heat wave, cornrows can really come to the rescue. This bold and eye-catching style is a go-to protective style for many but can also be used to style for the rising temperatures. Even if you're not the best braider, this can certainly be achieved. Depending on what you're going for, braiding in bigger plaits saves lots of time, as more hair is used in each row. Be sure to detangle your strands with our KurlsPlus Comb to rid your hair of unwanted knots before styling. If you want something that will last a lot longer, you can also go with smaller braids for a tighter look. This look can also be elevated by adding accessories like ribbons and delicate chains to give it a unique twist.

Halo Braids

For an elegant style that works great for weddings and special occasions, a Halo Braid is a perfect choice. As a type of rounded look that is created when you weave two long braids around your head, you can then pin them in place to make a stunning halo effect. As a simple look, it doesn't take long and gets curls out of your face and away from humidity. If necessary, this style can last up to several weeks, depending on how you secure the braids and edges. If you're attending a last-minute event that requires a long dress and heels, this is the perfect hairstyle to keep you classy and chic.

Fulani Braids 

If you're looking to expand your cornrow look, Fulani Braids are a great way to add some length and design during the warmer months. This braiding style originated from the Fulani culture in West Africa and can upload its shaping for up to 8 weeks. Especially if you're planning for an extended vacation in the tropics, this look offers a unique and trendy approach to box braids. This style can be achieved with a cornrow braided down the center of the head, along with one or a few cornrows braided in the opposite direction toward your face. With so many different ways to design your hair, there are various options to find one that fits your needs best.



Embrace your natural hair all summer long by keeping your fro out and free. While for some, the heat and humidity can affect textured hair differently, if you're keeping up with your moisturizing routines, your hair will flourish no matter the rising temperatures. Another important factor is to continue using products with a high level of moisture and de-frizzing properties, such as hair butters and creams. Be sure to detangle and distribute products using our KurlsPlus Paddle Comb to penetrate ingredients into your curls for all-day moisture. 

Space Buns 

Another great style for natural hair is space buns. This style is a great way to keep the hair away from the face while also creating an edgy look perfect for festivals and parties. As long as you're not excessively pulling at your edges, this style can be worn in different places, whether it's lower at the nap or on the very top of your head. Plan ahead on how you want to secure the buns safely, either with bobby pins or a soft tie. Stay away from the damaging rubber bands if you can, as they are prone to breakage.  

Wet Look 

If you know you're going to a party with some water events incorporated, you might as well look the part. Enter the room like you just walked across the ocean with a curly wet look that turns heads. While being a little more heavy-handed with products, this style requires a lot more water and way more hold, but it's a captivating transformation that works for any time of the day or night. Embrace your inner mermaid with a style that is perfect for those heat waves.  

Wash and Go

A wash and go will probably never go out of style, but you can certainly perfect your routine with each coming year. Every curl and coil is different, so it's imperative to figure out your type before diving into products that you assume will work. The fun part happens when you really start to break down the artistry of the curl. Many curlfriends opt to use traditional methods like the L.O.C system, which includes a leave-in, oil, and cream. For those days when the humidity has your curls dropping, give your hair height using our KurlsPlus Pick to lift your curls from your roots, adding body and volume. Consider this the ultimate hairstyle that creates a foundation for all others to flourish.

Bring some excitement to your hair this summer with styles that are fun, protective, and captivating for every festivity that comes your way. Hotter days present a lot of uncertainty, and it can become a difficult task if you don't plan ahead. But with a little thought and some help from our KurlsPlus Set, you'll be more than ready to finish the summer season strong. 

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