5 Heat-Free Ways to Stretch your Natural Hair and Minimize Shrinkage

5 Heat-Free Ways to Stretch your Natural Hair and Minimize Shrinkage

Mar 05, 2021LaToya Stirrup

Written by: Ciarra McLean


The best part of having natural hair is no doubt the versatility. You can completely switch up your look by altering your styling methods in the slightest of ways. When it comes to showing off the true length of your hair and minimizing shrinkage, there’s an array of methods to get you to your destination of elongated tresses. In this article, we’ll show you how to do so with no heat!

1. Stretched Twist-Out

While your standard twist out will produce a gorgeous head of bouncy curls, there’s no doubt that the hair will likely shrink due to the way your coils spring back. Weighing your twists with hair clips at each end, wrapping twists up in bantu knots, or utilizing flexi-rods are all methods to elongate your twists and show off your length. Bantu knots and flexi-rods are also options you can use by themselves, however, the combination of adding twists will promote stretched strands.

2. Banding & Threading

Quick and easy, banding is the process of taking sections of hair and wrapping hair bands down the length, resulting in stretched hair. You can either use multiple small bands or one long one per section, as long as the hair remains taut. You’ll want to use seam-free hair bands to ensure no hair gets caught or tangled. Band wet hair and remove when dry, styling as desired. You can also use the similar process of threading, in which you wrap thread down the length of your sectioned hair, just as you would with the banding method. Both choices result in the same thing: stretched hair!

3. Dry Combing

Perhaps the easiest method of all, simply taking the time to section and comb out dry hair from a previous style will give you a blown-out look without the heat damage. You’ll want to take your time detangling to prevent any breakage. This will work on old twist-outs, braid-outs, or any other styles. Utilize your fingers or your favorite KurlsPlus Detangler to gently make your way through your strands. You can wear your heat-less blowout by itself to show off your length or transform it into another style like a high bun.

4. Braid-Out

While it may seem similar to a twist-out, a braid-out can be done tighter than twists, elongating your curls a little bit more. Either single braids or cornrows can be used to stretch your hair, providing a defined, voluminous hair look without shrinkage. Just like with the twist-out, you can wrap your braids up in bantu knots or around flexi-rods for added length.


Photography: Suad Kamardeen via Unsplash

5. The Pineapple

No doubt the easiest of all methods, pineappling is pulling your curls up to rest on the top of your head, stretching your roots. This is a great way to elongate your hair. You can do it overnight and use your KurlsPlus Pick in the morning for added volume, or you can try it for a short time while getting ready for your day to add a little lift to your curls. Once again, be sure to use a seam-free hair band to collect your hair to prevent snagging or breakage.

There you have it! Five simple and easy ways to elongate curls, showing off your length with absolutely no heat damage.


Photo by Ogo from Pexels

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