How to Rid Your Hair of Smells Between Summer Wash Days
May 23, 2022
The next time you come across a potent stench that clings to your hair, use these tips and continue on with the festivities smelling like a summer’s breeze.

4 Tips to Maintain Hair During Summer Travel
May 18, 2022
Packing for summer vacation can be a hassle, but our hair doesn’t have to be if we plan it out right. The next time you’re getting ready to travel to a new destination or taking some time for yourself on a beach with friends, use these tips to ensure you feel incredible from head to toe.

Earth Day: How We Create Waste Reducing Molds For KurlsPlus Tools
Apr 18, 2022
In celebration of Earth Day, we’re highlighting our own contributions not only as a brand but as a company that works diligently to reaffirm our shared appreciation for this great planet. 

10 Tips to Hair and Beauty Spring Cleaning
Mar 28, 2022
Spring is here! Now is the perfect time to take control when it comes to your beauty practices. Spring cleaning is not just about getting rid of those clothes in your closet that no longer fit, but it’s about cleansing your space and your mind to make room for what will better yourself in this chapter.