The Dream of MLK: How our Kurls Revolution Dream Started & How It’s Going

The Dream of MLK: How our Kurls Revolution Dream Started & How It’s Going

Jan 17, 2022LaToya Stirrup
Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream in which he imagined a future where everyone could come together for peace and prosperity. It was a future where people were only judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. King’s moving “I Have a Dream” speech became a central part of his legacy and an inspiration for so many. 

In honoring Dr. Martin Luther King and the overwhelming impact the civil rights leader had on race relations in America, we share his dream and how it has inspired us to chase our own. 

Our dream was to create products that speak to the heart of the textured hair community. Through hard work, innovation, and collaboration, that dream has come true and expanded to reach new heights for the haircare industry. As Dr. Martin Luther King spoke words that moved a movement, Kazmaleje has worked to cultivate a brand that brings people together for the love of healthy hair and tools that work for them. 

That said, we have begun manifesting our dreams to become a reality and we’re excited to reveal what is in store for us this year! As we look back at our journey and how it has grown from an idea, to such a monumental moments, we want to highlight just how far we’ve come. 

The Stirrup Sisters, LaToya, LaTasha, and LaTrice, have all had their own unique journey as naturalistas. While they embraced every textured coil and curl, it was often a routine of trial and error when it came to hair tools. From every comb that snapped in half and brushes with bent teeth, it was frustrating for all three sisters to find tools that worked for their textured crowns. They knew they couldn’t be the only ones experiencing these problems and decided to create a brand and later a community that celebrated all hair types through innovative haircare tools. With countless ideas flying amongst the three sisters, they came up with three game-changing products that would soon transform the term “wash day” for naturalistasnatrualistas around the world. 

Since the launch of Kazmaleje and the three solution-oriented products, KurlsPlus Paddle CombKurlsPlus Comb, and KurlsPlus Pick, haircare has never been the same. These unique tools help to detangle strands without the stress and breakage that lead to damaged hair. From successful milestones such as winning the HSN Big Find Competition, becoming a grant recipient for iFundWomen, and launching with Urban Outfitters, the dream has not stopped for Kazmaleje. 


As of recently, the success of Kazmaleje’s hair tools has led the brand to launch in another major retailer, can you guess who??  (emoji eyes)! 


We will continue to remember the phrase “I Have a Dream” to inspire the growing textured community. We can’t wait to share the upcoming news with you all and couldn’t have done it without your continued support. 


Stay tuned to our IG as we share more of what’s to come! 

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