Kurls On Target: Haircare Resolutions for 2022

Kurls On Target: Haircare Resolutions for 2022

Jan 05, 2022LaToya Stirrup

Set the year up for success with a foolproof haircare routine that keeps you feeling motivated and confident every day of the week. Even if you’ve neglected your strands or have given up hope for healthy, manageable hair, it’s never too late to make a change. Let 2022 be a chance for real change that will transform your hair like never before. 

While your vision board may be an excellent start for manifesting some promising opportunities, don’t forget about setting those kurl resolutions. Take a moment to look over your current hair routine. Think it can use a shift in 2022? Whether your hair goals are for added moisture, higher quality tools, or long-lasting definition, set a target on what your curls need most and stick to your word. After all, why have a good hair day when you can have a great hair year?! 

Rediscover Your Pattern 

Before you shake things up in your haircare routine, it’s important to rediscover your hair’s pattern and texture to understand what it’s craving. Perhaps your hair porosity changed or has a higher tolerance for certain ingredients. We can all agree that curls can be confusing, but this self-diagnosis will allow you to make informed decisions when it comes to making your kurl resolutions. Whether you are someone who has tight coils, dehydrated curls, or an array of spirals, you want to understand how to best manage your mane. If you’re following the standard hair types 1 through 4 with subcategories of A to C, you can certainly find your curl type and see what routines may work best. 

The Poo That Works for You  

Keeping your curls cleansed is crucial for any successful regimen. Especially when you want to stretch your wash over a span of multiple days. Make a kurl resolution this year to stick with a shampoo that works for you and your curls long term. Before focusing on eliminating build-up, be sure you aren't using a shampoo that will also strip your hair of the natural oils it needs to stay healthy and hydrated. Especially if you are prone to dryness and breakage, retaining moisture while cleansing is the key to not drying out your hair. For those in-between wash days, consider using a pre-poo that will keep your hair nourished without removing what you need. You'll know you’ve found the one when detangling is less of a hassle. Use the KurlsPlus Comb to glide through knots in record time and see the difference a good clean can make for your hair. 

Keep Your Hair Hydrated from Root to Tip  

The thirst is real when it comes to hydrating your curls, so create a kurl resolution to find out what quenches them best. With every slip and glide, your coils will be thanking you for saving them from dehydration. Keep your ringlets happy by massaging your scalp when you detangle with the KurlsPlus Paddle Comb. It’s the ultimate power tool that gives your hair that great slippage while penetrating product for deep absorption. Let 2022 be your healthiest hair year yet, and see how well your curls respond and glide right into place. Don’t slip up on this kurl resolution and schedule time to restore your hair with weekly hydration treatments. 

Double Up on Hydration

Just when you thought you hydrated your spirals, this is a kurl resolution that cannot be excluded. While product treatments are to help for making spiralicious curls, true hydration starts on the inside. It’s not said enough that what goes into the body is just as important as what goes into the hair. Drinking enough water helps hair health by preventing a long list of hair problems that can be a real pain to undo down the line. From dryness and stunted growth to dullness, and breakage, water intake is the real secret that people tend to forget about. Drinking an adequate amount of water keeps your hair hydrated and scalp moisture with natural oils, improving the overall feel and health of your textured crown. No matter how you get your gulps in, avoid hair loss, hair fall, dry hair, brittle hair, and itchiness by getting in your daily dose of H2O.

High-Quality Hair Tools  

For the number of hair products you buy throughout the year for our curls, it all means nothing if you aren’t using the proper hair tools in your routine. Invest your time and money wisely by using quality combs and brushes to care for your crown. Each rake on your hair from beginning to end makes a huge difference in how your products are applied. When you use innovative tools that are geared towards strengthening your hair, you’ll save so much energy from constantly fighting knots and excess breakage. Make a kurl resolution that will change your life, and use quality tools that will enhance your hair routine to new lengths, literally. Start with the complete KurlsPlus Set and watch your curls bounce with joy in the new year. 


While it can be a daunting task getting your curls to cooperate, it’s not impossible. With some time and thought, you can set astonishing kurl resolutions that will stick with you for a lifetime. Use these tips for a real shot of restoring your hair in 2022 with systems that make an impact. Keep your curls on target with a sustainable system that works just for you. No matter what may have happened in the years before, these resolutions will encourage consistency in a healthy routine that’ll leave you feeling invincible. Having a solid regimen that you can maintain is just the beginning of a fantastic hair year.

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