10 Best Holiday Hairstyles for Every Length and Texture

10 Best Holiday Hairstyles for Every Length and Texture

Dec 15, 2021LaToya Stirrup

The holiday festivities are officially here!

Whether you’re gearing up for the office Christmas party or enjoying a night out to watch the ball drop, your hair deserves all the compliments this season. We would never want to be caught for being an outfit repeater, the same goes for hairstyles. Jump into a whole new version of sleigh and get creative with some ways to reinvent your hair for all occasions. Make an impression that will have everyone running towards the mistletoe to get a closer look at your next festive hairdo. We know you have enough to worry about during the holidays, don’t let your hair be one of them and try a new style that works for you. 


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1. The Perfect Ponytail 

Give yourself the gift of the power pony and show off your skills this holiday with a hairstyle that never fails. Unlike a regular slick-back pony, this ponytail features a middle part that offers the glamorous edge and tightness you need to frame your face. For the ultimate straight part, be sure to use the tail end of the KurlsPlus Comb to section without hesitation. Feel confident in your party pony and level up a classic style with a chic spin that will keep your hair out of your face while on the dancefloor.



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2. Heatless Curls 

There’s no reason to pack on the heat this holiday season when you can incorporate heatless curls that add a warm cozy vibe to any winter look. Especially if you’re working with third or fourth-day hair, this style gives you the chance to stretch until wash day with heatless waves that last. Whether you obtain this look through the bun method, bantu knots, or a braid-out, your hair will thank you for limiting the heat and making it work. For extra height at the roots, use the KurlsPlus Pick to volumize your hair for that added Hollywood glam style, perfect for spreading Christmas cheer. 

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3. Velvet Accessory 

Add a touch of velvet for a thrilling embellishment that will transform all lengths and textures for any party. Choose from a velvet headband, pin, or scarf for some flair in your hair. As a soft, plush accent, this accessory makes getting into the spirit seamlessly with just one quick add-on. Mix and match with your outfit or make it your bold styling statement for the night. There’s only one fashion season to flaunt this furry fabric, and your hair is the ultimate canvas to make it pop.

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4. Sleek Bun 

Sleigh the night away with a sleek bun that not only looks like a sophisticated work of art but serves your beautiful face on a silver platter. Before getting to work on achieving such a masterpiece, it all starts with detangling. Start your look off the right way by tackling tangles with the KurlsPlus Paddle Comb and keep knots away while you style. While it may seem like a simple style, the real test begins with a managed, detangled canvas to get the sleekest bun in the room. No need to get your arms tired when detangling is a breeze. 

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5. Half Up HairDo

Keep the night easy going with a hairstyle that goes with the flow. An effortless half-up hairdo can be done any way you envision for the night without having to follow strict guidelines. This could mean a half-up ponytail or an array of bobby pins guiding your hair into different sections. However you choose to style your half, there’s no rulebook no matter the texture or length. Express your creativity with a festive style that allows your hair to be the main attraction at the next event. For some extra tease to keep your hair intact, use the KurlsPlus Pick for intentional body at every angle. 

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6. Top Knot 

Celebrate the ending of a fabulous year with an even more fabulous hairstyle for the upcoming parties. A top knot is a perfect style for any event, especially when you’re wearing a whimsical outfit. Just like any high-powered updo, there’s a necessary step of full detangling before going straight into the top knot. Eliminate frizz and unwanted bumps along the way with the KurlsPlus Paddle Comb. Keep your hair in formation and move around the room with ease knowing you’re serving glamour from head to toe. 


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7. Deep Side Part 

When a last-minute party pops up to ring in the New Year, there's only one hairstyle that can get you there in time for the ball drop. No matter what length or texture your hair is, a deep part can work for a beautifully dramatic look that'll turn heads. Pick your go-to side and section your hair for a waterfall effect that pairs with any outfit. Use the tip of the KurlsPlus Comb to ensure an effortless transition from one end to the other. It's the fan-favorite hairstyle that changes your entire appearance without much effort needed. 

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8. Elegant Updo 

Obtain a hairstyle that works for any holiday showdown with an updo that shapes your face and is exciting to accomplish. Whether you want to try a braided crown, a messy bun, or create something new, your hair will become a sculpture that everyone will admire. While you may need to map it out at first, when you put your mind to it, your hair will turn out gorgeous every single time. Be inspired by the strength of your roots and find a new updo style that may be your favorite one yet.   

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9. Holiday Braid 

Look like a true present on everyone’s wish list with a holiday braid that will certainly add some cheer to the party. Instead of a simple boring braid, end the tail with a red bow or fun sparkly accessory like our Santa Baby Holiday Pin Set to tie it all in place. Whether you want to incorporate one braid or more, it’s a special way to spice up an outfit and transform a simple style into something even better. 

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10. Bubble Ponytail 

Make your hair pop this holiday season with a trendy hairstyle that’ll express your bubbling personality from across the room. This bubble ponytail can be done on length or textured hair and only requires some extra elastics a bit of intentional placement. For easy styling, use the KurlsPlus Set for a seamless process from detangling to teasing for a stress-free transformation. 

Enjoy the season of giving even more when you feel confident in your hairstyling routines for flawless results. 

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