How to Use KurlsPlus Tools on Various Hair Types

How to Use KurlsPlus Tools on Various Hair Types

Dec 08, 2021LaToya Stirrup

While we totally understand the complexity of hair, from treatments, products, and styling, no matter what hair type you have, hair tools can really make or break the process. Whether it’s curly, straight, thick, medium, long, or short, how you care for your strands matters. With every detangle it’s an opportunity to make a drastic change towards healthier hair, especially when you use tools designed with intention. KurlsPlus Tools can transform all hair types to new strengths and make wash days seamless for all patterns and shapes in the vibrant rainbow of hair care. When it comes to incorporating a new system in your routine, everyone can benefit from what each of the KurlsPlus Tools has to offer on all spectrums. Whichever tool you decide from the Paddle CombPick, or Comb, you’ll never go back to your old ways of doing your hair. 

Curls & Coils

Tackling each spiral at a time can be exhausting, even more so when you don’t have the right tools. From detangling, combing, and brushing to get your patterns nice and defined, you may find yourself using a bunch of different tools only to be unsatisfied with the end results. Not only is it frustrating, but you’re left feeling like you’ve wasted time and product. Unlock your zig zag potential with the KurlsPlus Tools that can give you back control of your strands and prevent another stressful wash day. 


KurlsPlus Comb: Even in your worst tangles, use the KurlsPlus Comb to detangle your hair after cleansing. Best on dampened hair, easily remove any knots and frizz before applying styling products. This tool can also be used to section the hair using the handle tip for more accessibility. Made with a comfortable grip and durable design, there is no such thing as being too knotted. With the KurlsPlus Comb, you can move with ease onto your next steps with hair that is freshly washed and detangled. 

KurlsPlus Paddle Comb: Defining your hair has never been easier with the KurlsPlus Paddle Comb. Get the best spirals ever when you penetrate product into your hair with each glide of your paddle comb. Unlike regular combs that separate sections and cause unwanted frizz, this tool helps to clump curls together, giving products a fair chance to work accordingly. With the KurlsPlus Paddle Comb, you can stretch your hair days to record-breaking numbers. 

KurlsPlus Pick: Pump up the volume on your hair and shape your fro to your desire with the KurlsPlus Pick. With the ability to transform your coils in seconds, this compact tool easily takes hold from the root and tugs gently to create a lifted look that adds volume. When you want to showcase your spiralicious style, refresh with the KurlsPlus Pick and watch the magic happen.

Straight & Wavy


With hair types that tend to be manipulated less, it can be assumed that tools will then matter less when it comes to maintaining overall health. This is further from the truth when it comes to straight and wavy hair. No matter the length, this hair type requires attention from quality hair tools to reach its fullest potential, and we mean fullest. With so many low-quality tools that cause excessive breakage, sleeker hair needs to be cared for to ensure optimal strength at all lengths. By using KurlsPlus Tools, it can transcend hair health to new levels and change the way you think about hair tools. 

KurlsPlus Comb: Washing your hair doesn’t have to be a pain anymore when you have the right tools to help. The KurlsPlus Comb works to target knots and tangles and remove them with every gentle slide. With wide teeth and a strong grip, it doesn’t matter if you tumbled through your day. Your hair will detangle easily without excessive tugging and pulling. Keep your strands intact with the KurlsPlus Comb, and feel confident in how you care for your hair in even the messiest state.

KurlsPlus Paddle Comb: For both brushing and styling, the KurlsPlus Paddle Comb can be used to penetrate product throughout the hair from root to tip. Most people with straight or wavy hair uniquely benefit from the long firm teeth that comb through hair without static. As a method to distribute natural oils from the scalp, the paddle comb helps to keep all areas moisturized and shiny. Unlike curly and coil hair, it’s best to manipulate and tend to straight and wavy strands when in a dry state. Whether it’s air-dried or blow-dried, using a tool like the KurlsPlus Paddle Comb can massage the scalp and direct oils throughout the hair for necessary moisture and natural shine. 

KurlsPlus Pick: Keeping up with a healthy detangling system is essential for straight and wavy hair because of how tangled it can get on any given day. With the use of less product, there isn’t much hold to prevent the hair from having a mind of its own. For times on the go, the KurlsPlus Pick is the perfect tool to use for quick detangling whenever you need it. Designed to fit in any purse or pocket for travel and easy access, this traveling comb keeps the hair free from knots and offers a refresh on an area that might need a polish. For an impromptu style, use the KurlsPlus Pick to tease the roots for added volume and texture. As such a small tool, it holds a lot of power to transform hair in such a short time. 

With so many classifications of hair textures and patterns, it’s not enough to simply use products geared toward your type. Hair tools play a large role in hair health, and no matter if your hair is tightly coiled or loosely in waves, it requires a set of foundational equipment that is strategic in caring for your strands. In all forms of styling and manipulation, KurlsPlus Tools can help jumpstart your hair routine for various desired looks. Take the opportunity to expand your level of hair care with the entire KurlPlus Set and see the difference it can make for you! 

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