Love Me or Love Me Not: Valentine's Day Hairstyles for Good & Bad Hair Days

Love Me or Love Me Not: Valentine's Day Hairstyles for Good & Bad Hair Days

Feb 07, 2022LaToya Stirrup

February is officially here, and that means Valentine's Day is on the way! This is the perfect opportunity to get fun with your hairstyles and make a statement by going all out for a lover's night out or a Galentine's festivity. There are many different directions to take this holiday, from subtle and sweet, to smoky and sexy. Whatever your vibe, you can guarantee you'll look fabulous if you decide to recreate any of these hairstyles. They can even be used the rest of the year too! 

Grecian Goddess Updo

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While this classic hairdo began centuries ago, we've since adopted this style into modern times, and on curly hair, it mimics a waterfall of coils. This elegant and show-stopping technique is very romantic for a Valentine's Day event and is surprisingly simple to remake. After detangling with a KurlsPlus Set, use different bobby pins, either curved or straight, and take pieces of your curls to create a swirl of your choosing. There's really no right or wrong way to look like a Goddess, so give it your best attempt and add some finishing spray at the end to hold up all night.  

Partially Pulled Back  


When your date tells you that they made reservations at 9 and it's about to be 7, there's no need to worry about what to do with your hair. Whether you have natural curls, a weave, wig, or silk press, a simple partially pulled back style is a signature look that frames the face and transforms any look. Depending on the type of texture, you may want to pin back the remaining strands or pull out sections to fall in front of your face. It's a quick hairdo that'll leave your date speechless. 


Slicked-Back Low Pony 

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Make the night a little sexy and spicy with a low ponytail hairstyle that knocks everyone off their feet when they see you. No matter your hair type, this stunning technique offers a bold statement that complements any outfit. Unlike a regular ponytail, this slick-backed style requires you to pull your ponytail all the way down to the nape of your neck and accentuate the pony with added volume using a tool such as the KurlsPlus Pick. Be sure the top of the hair is smooth and steady for all night captivation.  

Space Buns 

Image Source: Pinterest 

Make it fun and flirty with a hairstyle that gets the party started. It's a beautiful holiday, after all, so make it a day full of positivity and love with a look that brings a smile to everyone's face. For those who have curls, waves, or weave, space buns are the perfect way to achieve a dynamic do without a hassle. They can go low or high depending on how you want them, and you can even leave some hair out if you want more of a half up, half down effect. 

A day to celebrate love means you get to celebrate all the ways you can love your hair! 


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