10 Tips to Hair and Beauty Spring Cleaning
Mar 28, 2022
Spring is here! Now is the perfect time to take control when it comes to your beauty practices. Spring cleaning is not just about getting rid of those clothes in your closet that no longer fit, but it’s about cleansing your space and your mind to make room for what will better yourself in this chapter.

Sleep and It Will Grow: How Getting the Proper Sleep Affects Hair Loss and Growth
Mar 14, 2022
For Sleep Awareness Week, we’re breaking down the relationship between sleep and hair and how you can improve the quality of your sleep and hair for optimal health. 

Women’s History Month: Women’s Societal Contributions
Feb 28, 2022
March is here, and in this month, we celebrate women and the historical impact that...

Love Me or Love Me Not: Valentine's Day Hairstyles for Good & Bad Hair Days
Feb 07, 2022
February is officially here, and that means Valentine's Day is on the way! This is the perfect opportunity to get fun with your hairstyles and make a statement by going all out for a lover's night out or a Galentine's festivity. There are many different directions to take this holiday, from subtle and sweet, to smoky and sexy. Whatever your vibe, you can guarantee you'll look fabulous if you decide to recreate any of these hairstyles. They can even be used the rest of the year too! 

Black History Month: We're in Target! Let's Celebrate Us & Notable Black Women In Haircare
Feb 01, 2022
We honor the women who trailblazed the haircare industry before us laying the foundation and breaking glass ceilings that have allowed Kazmaleje the opportunity to be in Target nationwide.

The Dream of MLK: How our Kurls Revolution Dream Started & How It’s Going
Jan 17, 2022
In honoring Dr. Martin Luther King and the overwhelming impact the civil rights leader had on race relations in America, we share his dream and how it has inspired us to chase our own.