A Dream Manifested: Kazmaleje hair tools will launch in a MAJOR RETAILER soon!

A Dream Manifested: Kazmaleje hair tools will launch in a MAJOR RETAILER soon!

Jan 27, 2022LaToya Stirrup

As we close out January and reflect on how far we’ve come, we realize how just one dream can change your entire life and the lives of those around the world.  Feeling inspired for this new chapter ahead, we want to highlight our manifestation methods for such a monumental moment and share how you can too.

Method 1: Plan the success you want.

We had a dream, goals, and a plan. We manifested a brand that truly transforms how you care for and style your textured tresses in a way that focuses on hair care needs without complication. From hectic wash days that exhausted your mind, body, and arms, we had a dream that one day there would be a collection of hair tools that promote health, strength, and product penetration all-in-one.

The moment we began to manifest our business, we simply needed to follow a daily plan that moved us closer to the ultimate goal of even one day being on television or partnered with a big named retailer [side eye smile emoji]. By taking daily action aligned with our goals, it allowed us to see a different perspective from what we had when we were merely dreaming. We were soon able to really visualize our accomplishments, and from our first sale to our first big partnership, it was all coming alive for Kazmaleje. 



Method 2: Imagine your success and how far you can go.


Visualize yourself getting everything you desire in life. Imagine people saying yes to your dreams and making an impact that will change lives every day. We not only began imagining this, but we also surrounded our mindset with feelings of joy and excitement around each of our innovative products. These three solution-oriented hair tools, KurlsPlus Paddle CombKurlsPlus Comb, and KurlsPlus Pick, are what we manifested for the hair community and executed with hard work and dedication. 


Method 3: Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational frequencies.

As we continue to place ourselves in meaningful positions, we remain aligned with not only our mission but our gratitude for our supporters throughout this journey. For everything we have manifested, no level of growth would be possible without our kurl krew community. Like anything else in the world of chasing your dreams, there have been people who have doubted our vision, but we never let it alter our perspective or trajectory. Kazmaleje is a brand dedicated to creating products for the textured hair community, and we are incredibly thankful for the light our supporters have shined on us throughout the years. 




While we continue to make leaps in the hair tool industry, we at Kazmaleje are excited to open the door to more magical moments and celebrate our upcoming launch with you. 

As a MAJOR thank you for your continued support, get 15% off your entire purchase. Use the code DREAM2022 at checkout now through 11:59pm ET 1/31/22!  Stay tuned to our IG as we countdown to reveal who our new retailer is and share more of what’s to come! 

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